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Adults should choose a variety of nutrient rich foods containing vitamins,
minerals, carbohydrates and proteins and foods low in fat to be healthy
and for the prevention of chronic diseases. Research has shown that
excess intakes of fat, sugar, cholesterol, salt and alcohol are contributing
factors to many illnesses including diabetes, cardiovascular disease and
cancer. It is very important that adults balance their energy intake food
with physical activity in order to maintain an appropriate body weight and
to prevent the accumulation of fat which leads to obesity.

Adolescence is the period of transition between childhood and adulthood.
and adulthood. It is the period where a significant growth spurt occurs.
Teenagers grow rapidly and therefore their bodies have special requirement
of vitamins, minerals, energy and protein in order to prevent future health
problems. These requirements can only be met by eating an adequate
amount of a variety of nutritious foods from the six food groups.

School aged children require a varied balance of foods from the six
food groups for overall growth and health. Eating healthy assists
their full potential in physical and mental development. Children
require sufficient energy and nutrients to meet the needs of their
growing bodies. Adequate protein is needed for the formation of bone
tissue and lean body mass. Iron is essential for growth, the immune
system and cognitive functions.

Children aged two to five years have high energy and nutrient needs
because of their continued growth and development.  To ensure that
the preschooler’s diet is nutritionally adequate, it should be based on a
wide variety of foods from the six food groups.  This will provide sufficent
energy and nutrients required for good health and physical and mental

Breastfeeding provides the complete form of infant nutrition for the first
six months of life. However after six months breastmilk alone will not
be able to provide all the nutrients the infant requires to achieve optimum
growth and development. At six months breastmilk  must be complemented
with a variety of adequate nutritious foods from the six food groups so that
the infant will have sufficient energy, protein and nutrients needed for
growth, increased activity and good health.

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