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As a follow-up to the first issue on physical activity, Nyam News continues this series by showing how physical activity can be promoted.

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the Caribbean. There are many kinds of cancer: in fact cancer is the general name given to a group of more than 100 diseases which all develop as a result of abnormal cell-growth. The abnormal cells usually form into a tumour (a lump or mass) but there are some  cancers, like leukaemia, which do not form tumours, and it must be noted that not all tumours are cancerous.

It is well established that an adequate intake of the mineral calcium is essential for healthy bones and teeth. Did you know that calcium also plays an important role in other systems in the body? It circulates in the blood to carry out important functions relating to the clotting of blood, regulation of muscle contraction, transmission of nerve impulses, and maintaining a steady heartbeat.

Gluten is probably one of the most ubiquitous proteins in food manufacturing and production. It may be found in cereals, baked products, wines and some condiments.The formation of gluten from milled products of wheat during dough formation makes wheat an irreplaceable raw material in the production of many food items, the most important of which is in baking. When dough made with wheat flour is kneaded, gluten forms, which contributes to the viscosity and ability of the mixture to extend,stretch, or rise (swell), once a leavening agent is present.

Is it possible that the use of herbs (and spices) can improve the taste of our foods and also positively impact our health? Herbs (and spices) are widely used in the Caribbean in many ways.

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