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Adults should choose a variety of nutrient rich foods containing vitamins,
minerals, carbohydrates and proteins and foods low in fat to be healthy
and for the prevention of chronic diseases. Research has shown that
excess intakes of fat, sugar, cholesterol, salt and alcohol are contributing
factors to many illnesses including diabetes, cardiovascular disease and
cancer. It is very important that adults balance their energy intake food
with physical activity in order to maintain an appropriate body weight and
to prevent the accumulation of fat which leads to obesity.

Aging is an inevitable natural process. It results in changes to several
organs which function less efficiently leading to the development
of disease. Research has shown that the risk of chronic disorders
increases significantly with age. Good nutrition can slow the disease
process, and assist the individual to have a longer life. It is very
important that elderly persons engage in good nutrition practices by
eating a variety of foods from the six food groups and being physically
active to delay or prevent the onset of diseases.

Zinc may not be one of the more well-known nutrients, but it is
essential for humans, as it plays an important role in many of the
body's functions. This issue of Nyam News takes a look at zinc in
the human body.

You have just eaten a dessert you have never tried before. It was
delicious, but after some time you begin to feel strange: your throat
and skin begin to itch; your face and lips have swollen; your heart
begins to race and you cannot seem to catch your breath.  Chances
are, you are one of the many people worldwide that suffer from food

Global recession has caused many consumer goods, particularly
food items, to increase while wages and salaries have been
stagnant. Although the current financial crisis may look somewhat
bleak or depressing, families, especially those in which children are
present, need to ensure that in addition to saving money, the health
needs of all the family members are met. This issue of Nyam News
will give you the tools to tailor-make a plan for you and your family.

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