Promotion and Dissemination


The area of promotion and dissemination constitutes one of the main functions of CFNI's technical cooperation program. Strategies within this function include information and education using diverse media targeted at diverse groups, both technical and lay, social marketing and communication, behavior change interventions and training of change agents in promotional skills. The aims are to assist countries in meeting information and education needs necessary for policy and program change and in facilitating supportive contexts necessary for individual-level and services-level behavior change to promote health.

Specific programme activities include:

  • Developing regional and national dietary guidelines;
  • Promoting health lifestyles in institutions and the community;
  • Producing nutrition-related publications;
  • Producing radio and television nutrition programs;
  • Formulating and promoting standards for optimal young child feeding; and
  • Organising competitions and awards to exemplify best practices in nutrition


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Promotion and Dissemination

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