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Map Centre - Haiti Earthquake - January 2010

Health Facilities Database

Click on the corresponding file to download a database of health facilities in Haiti (Word, Excel, KML, Shapefile; last revision: 18 March 2010), which includes geographic location and unique identification codes based on those generated by the Ministère de la Santé Publique et de la Population (MSPP) of Haiti. If you have any questions regarding this dataset, please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Interactive maps

The health facilities database can also be viewed through our interactive map by clicking on the image below.

Other interactive maps

Click on the image below to view a map of the Haiti earthquake and aftershocks

Haiti Humanitarian Aid Status

Click on the image to access the interactive visualization
Summary: The purpose of this visualization is to analyze and monitor funding resources and gaps in Haiti. This information can help PAHO efforts to support Haiti disaster relief.

Source: Haiti Flash Appeal 2010
Table E: List of Appeal Projects (grouped by sector), with funding status of each Report as of 06-February-2010 (Appeal launched on 15-January-2010)
(Table ref: R3).

Static Maps

Click on any of the maps below for a larger image.

Map of key coordination points for PAHO/WHO and the
Health Cluster in Port-au-Prince

Haiti's pre-earthquake population density and zones of the earthquake's seismic intensity
PAHO, 01/12/2010

Click here for additional maps on the population of Haiti and seismic intensity

Health facilities in Haiti and their operational status
PAHO, 01/23/2010

Health facilities around Port-au-Prince and their operational status
PAHO, 01/23/2010

Health facilities in Port-au-Prince and their operational status
PAHO, 01/23/2010

Health Centers in Port-au-Prince
WHO 3 February 2010

Haiti Health Services - Analysis of 257 hospitals and health centers with beds 

Haiti Situation Update
OCHA - 31 January 2010

Humanitarian operational challenges in Haiti
OCHA, 01/18/2010

Health facilities in Port-au-Prince and damages sustained
PAHO, 01/21/2010

(Click on the map to view the legend)

Medical field teams in Port-au-Prince, Haiti
PAHO, 01/22/2010

Health facilities outside Port-au-Prince with damages sustained
PAHO, 01/21/2010

Damage assessment in towns surrounding Port-au-Prince, Haiti
OCHA, 01/16/2010


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