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Health Profile - Belize

The Government has provided health services at practically no charge over the years, including the provision of pharmaceuticals. The Ministry of Health is responsible for the design of policies and arrangements between institutions and providers, including the utilization of public hospitals by physicians and dentists for private practice.

Intersectoral cooperation is recognized as a sound approach to health and development. Multisectoral bodies such as the National Commission for Families and Children, the National Women’s Commission, the Appraisal Environmental Committee, among others, exist, but their impact is compromised by a lack of effective mechanisms for intersectoral coordination and cooperation at the national level.

The Ministry of Health is responsible for making regulations on health related issues. The Chief Medical Officer (Director of Health Services) is responsible for executing ordinances and recommending necessary regulations to the Minister, and in cases such as control of communicable diseases has the authority to make regulations. 

Percentage of GDP designated to Health: Public: 1.9  Private:1.4
Doctors per inhabitance (10,000 pop) 8.1
Infant Mortality Rate (1,000) 17.2
Maternal Mortality (100,000 lb) 52
Life Expectancy at Birth 76.6
Fertility Rate 2.8
Cases of Malaria: 39
Cases of Dengue: 39
Incidences of HIV (100,000 pop): 15.2

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