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Risk Management – Cayman Islands

The islands are mainly at risk of hurricanes and earthquakes, both of which occurred recently.

In September 2004, Hurricane Ivan pounded Grand Cayman. A national disaster was declared, two people were killed, virtually the entire population was directly affected and a large number of buildings were severely damaged. The total amount of damage and losses is estimated at around 183 % of gross domestic product. Ivan was particularly devastating because it moved slowly over the flat and therefore highly exposed land. Storm surges flooded large sections of the coast. Other recent hurricanes which have impacted the island be it much less than Ivan, were Michelle in 2001, Gilbert in 1988 and Katrina in 1981.

Grand Cayman on the 14th of December 2004. It was reported to be the strongest earthquake since 1900. Further tremors have occurred since then, with a quake registering 4.4 on the 20th of December 2004. No major damage occurred in either of the quakes.


The main organisation responsible for hurricane preparedness is the National Hurricane Committee (NDC). There are currently 12 committees to the National Hurricane Committee on Grand Cayman and a District Emergency Committee which directs four committees on the Sister Islands. The National Hurricane Committee is made up of senior civil servants. Civil servants and members of the community are represented in the committees to the National Hurricane Committee. The Hazard Management Cayman Island (HMCI) is responsible for the coordination between relevant agencies in the event of an incident


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