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Guatemala Assisting the Affected Population while Evaluating Earthquake Damage

Guatemala focuses now on the assistance to the affected people, as well as on the damage assessment and needs analysis after the 7.2 earthquake that shook Guatemala on Wednesday, November 7th .  

PAHO/WHO Situation Report - 21 November 2012 (in Spanish)

Health situation

The Ministry of Health and Welfare (MOH) has developed the epidemiological profile of the most affected departments in order to strengthen health surveillance and timely respond to disease outbreaks. The MOH monitors and provides health care in shelters.

According to official reports, 58 health services report infrastructure damage. The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) in Guatemala is supporting the MOH in assessing damage to the infrastructure of these services, in the restoration of water and sanitation systems and providing psychosocial care to the affected population.

Situation Reports from PAHO/WHO office in Guatemala (in Spanish):


The following technical guidelines are recommended:

- Damage Assessment and Needs Analysis in the Health Sector in Disasters Situations (PAHO/WHO)

- PAHO/WHO Regional Emergency Response Team - Field Manual (PAHO/WHO)


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