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Floods in Suriname Situation Report, May 10

Nature of the disaster

Flooding, due to continued torrential rainfall over the period starting around 1 May 2006.

Areas affected

The area affected is the whole Southern part of Suriname, more in particular the districts of Sipaliwini and Brokondo.

People affected

  • Confirmed deaths: inventory pending
  • Injured: inventory pending
  • Displaced/ homeless: 22,141 (estimate)


  • Mostly damage to houses and buildings (stone and wood) and roads.
  • River ports and airstrips partly inaccessible.
  • Telecommunication partly disabled.
  • Electricity damaged in all affected areas.

General threats

  • Meteorological reports predict further heavy rainfall within the next few days.
  • Population movements expected.

Health situation

  • Expectation of diarrhoea epidemic.
  • There may be a sudden increase in mercury levels due to release of mercury from small-scale gold mining areas.
  • Some of the medical centres are flooded, but most are still operational.

Current response

  • Evacuation decided for two badly affected areas.
  • Assessment of relief needs is currently being undertaken.
  • Affected areas have been publicly announced disaster areas by the President of Suriname on May 8, 2006.

International response

  • A United Nations Disaster Management Team has been set up.
  • A request for support has been sent to BCPR and OCHA, pending the receipt of the situation analysis and needs analysis.
  • Other international organizations and embassies are also awaiting formal request letters.



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