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St. Lucia Situation Report - 17 August

  • In Saint Lucia, the storm surge caused damage along coastal areas and erosion of the shoreline. A main road connecting the north and south of the island was impassable. Roads were reportedly being cleared to permit access to the city.
  • Trees were down and some roofs were lost, but there were no reports of landslides. Although much of the population has no power, telephone lines are up. The Vigie Airport is closed.
  • Victoria Hospital, Saint Lucia’s main public hospital, located in the capital Castries, has a capacity of 160 beds and is one of five hospitals in the island (population 72,000). The hospital lost the second story roof over the pediatric ward (capacity 29 beds); the children had already been evacuated because authorities were aware of the vulnerability of the roof. The radiology services are located on ground floor and may be threatened. The hospital is running on stand-by power.
  • Health and disaster experts are conducting a joint rapid needs assessment. Only two shelters have been opened and no information is currently available on how many people have sought refuge. A PAHO/WHO engineer confirms that none of the Ministry of Health’s 34 rural clinics were damaged.

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