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Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Relief

El Salvador

According to the National Emergency Commission 65 people have been killed and more than 50,000 are currently residing in 398 temporary shelters throughout the country. Most of the people who lost their lives were surprised by landslides while at home. More than 390 landslides have also left areas isolated because roads are blocked. An estimated 80% of the road network is affected. 21 health centers have been damaged and another three have been evacuated because of the reactivation of the llamatepec Volcano.

The United Nations have issued a Flash Appeal (UN Flash Appeal) to respond to the immediate health needs of the population displaced by both the rains and the volcanic eruption. US$7 million have been requested.

The major health issues are related to the limited access to proper sanitation and clean water. This is a problem especially in temporary shelters.

PAHO is supporting the Ministry of Health with setting up a situation room and is assisting in designing and activating a disease surveillance system especially targeting the displaced population. It has also sent in logistics experts who are assisting the government in efficiently and transparently managing incoming donations.

The Ministry of External Relations has additional informtion in Spanish at their website.

The Pan American Health and Education Foundation (PAHEF) has set up an account to help victims of the disaster in El Salvador.


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