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Forum: Incident Command System Application Experiences

USAID/OFDA’s Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean is organizing the Third Latin American Incident Command System (ICS) Application Experiences Forum, from 4- 6 February 2015, to strengthen the strategic areas that contribute to the sustainability of the ICS implementation process in the countries of the Region.


6.9 Earthquake in Mexico / Guatemala

A strong 6.9 magnitude earthquake at 37 km depth shook the Mexican border with Guatemala on Monday morning (7/7/2014), causing three deaths and 21 injured, damaging buildings in both countries. The quake was felt across a broad swath of southern Mexico and Guatemala. After the earthquake, monitoring protocols and verification of damage were activated in affected regions in both countries. In Guatemala, Orange Alert Institutional was declared and in Chiapas (Mexico) was activated the State Emergency Committee. The wounded were treated at hospitals without exceeding the attention capacity.


The Technical Commission for Risk Management in the Health Sector of Central America meets in Costa Rica

The Technical Commission for Risk Management in the Health Sector (CTGERS) of Central America met in Costa Rica during the II Consulting Forum of the Central American Policy for Comprehensive Management of Disaster Risk. Members of the Commission— representatives from disaster units of the ministries of health of Panama, Costa Rica, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, and the Dominican Republic—participated in the Forum and, afterwards, had a meeting on 19-20 June in San Jose.


6.2 Magnitude Earthquake hits Nicaragua

An 6.2-magnitude earthquake hit Nicaragua on 10 April. The epicenter was located at a depth of 10 km in Lake Managua, off the coast of Nagarote. The earthquake was felt in Managua and Leon and other 9 departments, north and south of the Caribbean coast and in areas of El Salvador, Honduras and Costa Rica. One death and 33 people with injuries were reported. Damage assessment is in progress, and contingency plans have been activated.


Capacitan equipos de respuesta ante emergencias del sector salud en Costa Rica

Funcionarios de diversas instituciones del sector salud y otros sectores se reunieron en Costa Rica durante los días 5 y 6 de diciembre con el objetivo de actualizar conocimiento e intercambiar experiencias para mejorar su capacidad de respuesta ante situaciones de emergencias y desastres.

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