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Brazil Launches a Knowledge Center on Public Health and Disasters

Brazil now has its own Knowledge Center on Public Health and Disasters. Based on the Pan American Health Organization’s Knowledge Center—available in English and Spanish—the Portuguese version of the site has been developed by the Sergio Arauca National School of Public Health (ENSP, by its Spanish acronym). The new site is the result of close collaboration between the ENSP, the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (FIOCRUZ) and PAHO/WHO. The Portuguese version of the Knowledge Center has been adapted for Brazil, and takes the main concepts of the original site and incorporates scientific production, guides and manuals that Brazil has produced in this area.


The PAHO Knowledge Center on Public Health and Disasters is now online

The PAHO Area on Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Relief presents the Knowledge Center in Public Health and Disasters, available online at www.saludydesastres.info. With open access for all those interested, this online center--organized as a manual or thematic guide--presents an overview of the most important topics on public health and disasters: general concepts, organization of the health sector and policies, disasters risk reduction, disaster preparedness, health response in emergencies and disasters, rehabilitation and reconstruction and alliances and international assistance.


Self-guided course on prevention, preparedness and response to chemical accidents

This is a new bilingual version (Spanish/Portuguese) of this self-guided training material.  The course is divided into five sections with presentations and Q&A modules to allow the student for self-evaluation.  


Disaster Mitigation in Health Facilities. Wind Effects

This CD focuses on reducing the structural, non-structural and functional vulnerability of hospitals and other health facilities from high winds caused by hurricanes.

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The Role of Laboratories and Blood Banks in Disaster Situations

Training Material

This CD contains a technical publication that summarizes the work of laboratories and blood banks in disaster situations and the actions that can be taken to be better prepared, a PowerPoint presentation that can be used in seminars and courses and a script on the contents of the presentation.

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