Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Relief


Quick Guide for Water Health Surveillance - Actions to Ensure Safe Water for the Population

Water health surveillance is a very effective public health intervention to prevent water-borne diseases. This publication presents actions that can be taken to ensure safe water for the population, through practical and simple tools that generate timely information for decision-making, and thus apply the necessary corrective measures in order to protecting the health of the population, which is the responsibility of the Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance, the drinking water and sanitation sector governing body.


Drinking Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Sector - Guide for the Coordination of Public Health Emergencies and Disasters

The purpose of this guide is to share information, knowledge and tools to strengthen coordination mechanisms in the water, sanitation and health sector, both at national and local level. It is structured in three modules: the first focuses on knowledge of the Humanitarian Reform and the establishment of sectoral groups to respond to public health emergencies and disaster situations. The second presents information regarding the operational activities in the water, sanitation and hygiene sectors and its links with other sectors. Finally, the third discloses the tools necessary to work on preparedness and response for an efficient coordination in the water, sanitation and hygiene sector.


Lessons Learned from the Earthquake in Nicoya, Costa Rica - 5 September 2012

Analyzing life experiences, consolidating the main lessons learned and those still not learned, and improving some aspects of the response to emergencies and disasters: These are the main objectives of the publication Earthquake in Nicoya, Costa Rica - 5 September 2012 - Systematization report of the conclusions of the workshops on lessons learned.


Systematization of Practice in Safe Hospitals in the Dominican Republic

This book, prepared by the Ministry of Health of the Dominican Republic and PAHO/WHO, is a compilation of the experiences of a group of multidisciplinary experts in disaster prevention, mitigation, and response, who have worked for three years as evaluators and professional trainers in the field of hospital safety. Currently, this publication is available  in Spanish only.


WHO's Emergency Response Framework Now Available in Spanish

The World Health Organization publication Emergency Response Framework, whose function is to clarify WHO’s roles and responsibilities and to provide a common approach for its work in emergencies, is now available in Spanish. The English version of the publication can be downloaded from WHO's website.

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