PAHO/WHO Calls on Donors to Resume Funding for Health in Haiti

So far important results have been achieved in Haiti with funding provided by the international community, including a decrease in the number of cholera cases and the provision of health services to people living in displacement camps.

Among the activities related with the response to the emergency, the distribution of medicines has been made for the treatment of 180,670 severe cases and 512,680 mild cases of cholera in one year since the beginning of the emergency. PAHO/WHO also helped develop and distribute over 100,000 posters and 250,000 laminated pages with guidance on cholera prevention and treatment.

However, the departure of organizations supporting humanitarian efforts in Haiti and the scaling down of operations due to lack of funding are of particular concern to health organizations and the Haitian government. For these reasons, PAHO/WHO is asking international cooperation agencies to remain vigilant and attentive to the risk of cholera outbreaks in the near future.

This call for funding emphasizes the importance of boosting the response to cholera before the rainy and hurricane seasons arrive in Haiti and advocates for the continuation of emergency and humanitarian activities, as Haiti continues to remain exposed to numerous hazards (hurricanes, earthquakes, and disease outbreaks) and has limited capacity to respond to potential new emergencies.