Tropical Storm Isaac

The final toll of Tropical Storm Isaac was two people dead in the U.S. and 24 in Haiti. In addition hundreds of thousands of people were left withtout electricity. In Haiti there was an increase in cholera cases and in the Dominican Republic  hundreds of people had to be moved to shelters. Also, in the Dominican Republic six hospitals and one health center were affected by the heavy rains. 

The Dominican Republic's National Emergency Operations  Center (EOC) reported 29,875 displaced people staying  in the homes of relatives and friends, 6,693 homes affected (of which 5,524 are flooded) and 90 isolated communities in 19 provinces.

In Haiti, the Emergency Operations Center of the Department of Civil Protection (DPC) is still active but they have discontinued all restrictions on movements and the Directorate of Meteorology also decreased the red alert. According to the report of the DPC 19 people died, 27 were injured, and 140 new cases of cholera were reported after the passing of Isaac.

Response in the health sector in Haiti and the Dominican Republic

The PAHO/WHO office in the Dominican Republic has a continued presence in Barahona supporting the Emergency and Disaster Response Coordination Center. The Ministry of Health has sent eight mobile clinics to affected areas. The Ministry of Health is also strengthening the epidemiological surveillance measures in shelters and has sent supplies regarding waste disposal and water surveillance.

In Haiti, the PAHO/WHO office also continues supporting the Ministry of Health in the response to Isaac and the ongoing cholera response. PAHO/WHO will continue monitoring and evaluating water quality and positioning of supplies in the warehouse from PROMESS.

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