Mass Fatality Plan Checklist

The Pan American Health Organization has developed a checklist on mass fatalities that can serve as an annex to any National Health Sector Emergency Management Plan or National Disaster Management Plan. It is based on the London Resilience Mass Fatality Plan, 2006 and Management of Dead Bodies after Disasters: A Field Manual for First Responders. 

The checklist contains the essential elements for consideration by Ministries of Health and Disaster Management Offices as they develop a mass fatality plan. The plan does not need to stand alone; it can be an annex to the National Disaster Management Plan. As such, the mass fatality annex only needs to focus on elements unique to a mass fatality. It is important that countries exercise their plans on a regular basis to evaluate organization’s capability to execute one or more portions of the plan and to promote preparedness.

The Essential Elements

I. Introduction and Purpose

II. Activation

III. Command and Control

IV. Logistics

V. Welfare

VI. Identification and Notification

VII. International Dimensions

VIII. Site Clearance and Recovery of Deceased Victims

IX. Mortuary

X. Disposal Final Arrangements

XI. Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear (CBRN)

XII. Public Information and Media Policy

XIII. Health and Safety

XIV. Disaster Mortuary Plan


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