Legislation and Norms Showcase National Commitment to Disaster Reduction


National legislation and norms on all aspects of disasters are important indicators of a country’s commitment to vulnerability and risk reduction. Although a great deal of work has been done, often this accumulated knowledge remains in just the country itself. In order to share this work with neighboring countries and to allow disaster managers to have access to this body of information, regulations and norms from a wide variety of Latin American and Caribbean countries have been collected on a new CD-ROM. In addition to a country profile, a map and a short review of recent disasters, the material covers the establishment of a national disaster system, health and environmental health laws and regulations and building codes. Because norms and regulations quickly become outdated, the most current information will be available on the web. Visit www.disaster-info.net/Sudamerica and follow the links to review the Beta version of this material.

Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Relief

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