Caribbean Studies the Management of Mass Fatalities


At a workshop on management of mass fatalities after natural disasters, 44 participants from the English-speaking Caribbean islands were familiarized with the current knowledge about mass fatality management and contingency planning. The workshop had a special focus on the management of human remains of foreign nationals and tourists, using knowledge gained from experiences with victim identification: the 2004 tsunami; the 2005 airplane crash in Machiques (Venezuela); the identification of 16 Senegalese refugees found in a boat off the coast of Barbados in May 2006 and the terrorist bombings in London in July 2005. Participants developed the outline of a mass fatality management plan for the Caribbean which should be incorporated into existing national mass casualty management plans. The outline of this plan will be used to design country-specific mass fatality plans, especially in those countries hosting the Cricket World Cup.

Download the publication on Management of Dead Bodies in Disaster Situations and the accompanying field guide for first responders from our Publications Catalog

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