Hospital Disaster Planning COURSE - Instructors’ Course WORKSHOP


A new version of Hospital Disaster Planning includes material to develop the course and a new instructors’ training module.

This training material (Spanish only) contains an updated and expanded second edition of the Hospital Disaster Planning Course. It provides the methodology and the content to prepare hospital plans that take into account a hospital’s response capacity and its vulnerability to specific hazards. This material is an excellent tool to facilitate and guide those responsible for hospital management and hospital disaster preparedness committees.

The CD also contains the first edition of the training workshop for instructors of the Hospital Disaster Planning Course. It includes the methodology, instructions, exercises and materials needed to implement the course. At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to teach the course by following the lesson plans; they will also be able to prepare and present a model hospital disaster preparedness plan. Both the course and the instructors’ training workshop use an interactive teaching method, the same technique used by the Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance (USAID-OFDA). The participants’ contributions and practical experiences are incorporated to enhance both exercises.


Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Relief

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