Disaster mitigation for drinking water and sewage systems



This CD contains a variety of training and public awareness materials on disaster mitigation in drinking water and sanitation systems. It promotes and facilitates the incorporation of disaster mitigation measures into this type of infrastructure to reduce damage and ensure the post-disaster maintenance of service. It has been prepared for use by professionals and technical personnel involved in the design, construction, maintenance, and management of water and sanitation systems.

The CD-ROM includes PowerPoint and HTML presentations that support the training. It also includes technical publications to assess a system’s vulnerability and basic mitigation measures to address the most common natural hazards in the Americas. Also on the CD:

    * Posters, suitable for reproduction, on disaster mitigation in water and sanitation systems.
    * Links to web sites of agencies and institutions working in the field.
    * Videos on the El Niño phenomenon and the Orosi Water Supply System Project that illustrate these concepts.
    * The software necessary to view and use these materials.


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