LSS: the Interagency Logistics Support System


PAHO, together with UNICEF, WFP, OCHA, UNHCR and WHO, has completed the first phase of development of the Logistics Support System (LSS). The LSS is a common approach to logistics support that helps to consolidate and share information, improve transparency and register and monitor undocumented items, particularly unsolicited donations.

The first phase involved the design and development of the system, which required the agreement of all parties and the actual writing of the software. It also encompassed testing and quality control. The LSS software (as is the case with the SUMA system) looks specifically at coordination functions that are not addressed by the systems developed or contracted by larger humanitarian actors. LSS will serve as an inventory control tool for smaller agencies (including national institutions) that cannot afford the cost and human resources to develop their own systems.

The next phase of development will involve the production of training materials (manuals and software on CD-ROM), the creation of an LSS web site, the translation of the system into other languages, field testing (to be carried out globally), the training of trainers, and the formation of an LSS team.

This comprehensive instrument—designed to minimize duplication and improve how agencies respond to actual needs—will be available to all institutions and will build on their own management capacity. For more information about the LSS write to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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