SUMA Team Deployed to Indonesia at the Request of WHO


In the weeks following the catastrophic earthquake and tsunami that devastated Indonesia last December, international aid poured into the country. At the request of WHO, a SUMA team was dispatched to help the Ministry of Health to classify the supplies piling up in warehouses. The team first went to Jakarta to introduce the SUMA system to the Ministry of Health authorities and train them in its use. They also worked with the Ministry to translate the front end of the system into the Indonesian language. From there, the team moved on to Banda Aceh where it helped collect information on pharmaceuticals and health/medical supplies at the airport, organized the Provincial Health Authorities’ warehouse and set up the SUMA system to distribute supplies to NGO health centers and districts. Arrangements have been made to translate the entire SUMA system into the Indonesian language and local staff are being trained to allow them to continue with the tasks at the provincial level. For additional information about SUMA and its activities worldwide, visit:

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