ProVention Sponsors Grants for Disaster Risk Reduction


The ProVention Consortium has awarded modest grants to individuals and/or teams in developing countries to encourage them to become more involved in disaster risk reduction. Recipients of the first round of grants presented their findings at a “Global Symposium for Hazard Risk Reduction” at the World Bank Headquarters in Washington, D.C. Encouraged by the success of the program, ProVention is now teaming up with the Asian Disaster Preparedness Center, the University of Cape Town and the Disaster Management Center at the University of Wisconsin to sponsor a second round of grants to support research on disaster risk management.

The Consortium has invited young professionals from developing countries to submit proposals in the form of research projects, professional internships or professional development programs. Projects should focus on links between disasters, development and the environment, and should fall into three general categories (i) risk identification and analysis, (ii) risk reduction, and (iii) risk sharing/transfer. Read more about the grant program and its results at Deadline for submission is 15 May.

We realize many readers will receive this information too late to meet this deadline. News of this competition, which reached us between issues of the Newsletter, was circulated to our listserv in April.

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