Disaster Mitigation in Health Facilities—Wind Effects


Each type of natural disaster poses a unique risk to health and health facilities. In the case of hurricanes, the effects of high winds can affect both the structural and non-structural elements of a hospital or clinic. This new training material focuses on reducing the vulnerability of structural elements; those parts of a building that withstand gravitational and lateral loads to ensure stability. It also looks at non-structural elements and those that have special functions such as communication networks, gas and water pipes, electrical wiring, and medical equipment and supplies.

Examples are drawn from the partial or total failure of hospitals in the region and the material is designed to guide planners of health infrastructure (hospital administrators, engineers, architects, technicians, etc.) in Latin America and the Caribbean in reviewing the effects hurricanes on their facilities and assessing their vulnerability.

All of this material—which includes PowerPoint presentations with scripts, technical publications on disaster mitigation in health facilities and posters suitable for reproduction—is on the web at www.disaster-info.net/viento. A limited number of CD-ROMs containing the material is available. Write to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


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