Health Preparedness Guidelines for Volcanic Eruptions


Most of the active volcanoes worldwide are concentrated in Latin America and the Caribbean and millions of people live in cities and towns close to them. Throughout history, these volcanoes have demonstrated their enormous capacity for destruction. The new Preparedenss Guidelines for Volcanic Eruptions (currently available in Spanish only as Guía de Preparativos de Salud Frente a Erupciones Volcánicas) provides support material to prepare health contingency plans to deal with these emergencies. The preparation of these guidelines involved a long process of collecting, organizing and testing the material, in which more than 100 experts were consulted, primarily from Colombia and Ecuador.

Five modules dealing with health sector risks, protecting health services, damage and needs assessment, environmental risks and communications planning are packaged together into this set of training aids. The guidelines also include a CD with PowerPoint presentations on each module, a description of the volcanic situation in Ecuador and Colombia and reference publications. Those interested in acquiring this material in Spanish should get in touch with the CRID. It is also available on the web at (click on Publications Catalog).

Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Relief

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