Virtual Information on Health Emergencies and Disasters for South America


Peru’s national disaster program in the Ministry of Health, with the support of PAHO and the Regional Disaster Information Center (CRID), has created its first Virtual Disaster Library, focusing on disasters in South America. The virtual library is available to the entire disaster community at

Thanks to web technology, the Virtual Library is a reality, and it is powered by two databases: DESAS and INFOR. DESAS provides access to full-text documents, bibliographic references for in-person consultations, courses and events related to natural, manmade and social disasters. The INFOR database keeps up-to-date information on events throughout Peru using a simple spreadsheet on the web to consolidate reports and provide a quick preliminary analysis.

The Virtual Library is a very useful tool, not only for its user-friendliness but because of the variety of titles available to all those interested in disasters and emergencies. The National General Civil Defense Office offers a consultation service for a wide variety of material. We invite the whole disaster and emergency community to visit the Peruvian Virtual Library and offer their contribution, share information, research and experiences with other countries in the Region.


Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Relief

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