World Bank Publishes Case Study on Honduras Disaster Recovery


"Learning Lessons from Disaster Recovery: The Case of Honduras” is the title of a new release in the World Bank Disaster Risk Management Working Paper Series. It examines recovery in Honduras following Hurricane Mitch in all sectors, identifying lessons learned, good practices and constraints to be overcome. The study looks at four main areas: policies related to disaster recovery and management; systems for disaster recovery, resources; and the impact of recovery efforts. The study also contains concrete recommendations on development, transparency and equity and risk management that apply to all actors working in recovery in the aftermath of disasters.

The report grew out of a case study that was part of a ProVention Consortium initiative. ProVention is a global partnership of governments, international organizations, academic institutions, the private sector and civil society to reduce the impact of disasters in developing countries. Download a copy of the publication at (click on Publications).

Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Relief

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