International Migration, Health and Human Rights


This publication provides an overview of some of the key challenges for policy-makers in addressing the linkages between migration, health and human rights. It attempts to provide a useful platform to stimulate action to address migration and health in a comprehensive and human rights-sensitive way.

The first section explains why the issue of migration and health is addressed and what is meant by doing this through a human rights framework. It then explores some of the terminology used and what is known about the magnitude of, and reasons for, migration. The second section links the reasons that people migrate with the health and human rights implications of moving for the populations left behind. It focuses attention on the issue of migrating health professionals by highlighting relevant trends, financial implications and ongoing trade negotiations. The third section considers the health implications for those on the move both in the context of public health as well as in relation to the health of the individual. It considers the various ways in which migration is managed, such as detaining and screening at the border. The last section considers the health and human rights issues of migrants once in the host country. It focuses particular attention on the most vulnerable categories of migrants and highlights some of the key challenges to promoting and protecting their health.

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