Partnerships to Strengthen Disaster Reduction Activities in the Americas


PAHO/WHO has forged partnerships with three organizations—CARE, UNICEF, and the University of Geneva—for collaborative activities related to disaster reduction in the health sector. A Letter of Agreement with the NGO CARE calls for incorporating health topics related to risk management and emergency response into CARE’s training of trainers programs in municipalities in Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras and El Salvador. Participants will form local training teams to replicate the training at the local level with community leaders and health volunteers. A Memo of Understanding with UNICEF’s Regional Office for the Americas and the Caribbean outlines areas for collaboration including: combined training; joint rapid assessment missions; the development and utilization of the Logistic Support System and SUMA and the preparation of mutual contingency plans. The principal objective of a Letter of Understanding signed with the University of Geneva is to improve professional development needs. PAHO and the University will cooperate in identifying candidates for the master’s degree in humanitarian action offered by the University of Geneva and will work to create a network of professionals to maintain contact between graduates from the master’s program and participants of disaster-related PAHO/WHO courses.

Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Relief

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