International Simulation Exercise in Colombia


More than 600 people participated in a drill—one of the largest in recent years—that took place in Bogota, Colombia. The objective was to strenghten local, national and international coordination and response in the face of an earthquake or a large-scale terrorist attack.

The event, which simulated a magnitude 7 earthquake, lasted 50 hours uninterrupted. Seven actual sites in different parts of the city of Bogota were used. The participants, from national and international agencies, worked in operations that ranged from the collapse of different structures to accidents with hazardous materials.

A variety of activities were put to the test, such as the implementation of emergency command centers, activation of national and international assistance, search and rescue, management of cadavers and others. The SUMA system (Management of Humanitarian Supplies), used the airport to classify and inventory incoming supplies and distribute them throughout the country.
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