Central America Five Years after Hurricane Mitch


Five years after Hurricane Mitch –one of the most devastating disasters to strike Central America in decades— the most affected countries have much to show in terms of reducing their vulnerability to disasters. From small municipalities to the highest decision-making levels, success stories can be found in the health sector thanks to the tireless efforts of thousands of workers who turned a tragedy like hurricane Mitch into the catalyst for a process of development. In recognition of their work, these stories form the basis of a new publication that focuses on many achievements: safer hospitals and water systems, communities better prepared to face the health consequences of disasters; just-in-time information and more. Disaster preparedness and mitigation however, demand continued unceasing efforts. The countries of Central America, and indeed the entire Region of the Americas, will continue to coexist with natural hazards. The vulnerability of nations is the door through which the next disaster will slip. Achievements in Health in Central America Five Years after Mitch is available in Spanish from the Editor of this newsletter or download a copy from www.paho.org/disasters (choose Publications Catalog).


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