PAHO Publishes 2003 Catalog of Disaster Publications and Training Material


The updated 2003 edition (in Spanish) of the catalog of publications and training material on disasters and emergencies is now available in print and online versions. PAHO’s 2003-07 Strategic Plan, approved by the Member Governments, cites the continued production and wide dissemination of training materials and updated guidelines as a strategic focus of emergency preparedness and disaster relief. This latest edition of the catalog is a step in that direction.

The catalog reviews the latest version of the Health Library for Disasters (full-text version of more than 500 publications) and the recently-developed materials for conducting hospital disaster planning courses. Slide programs, widely used in the 1980s and early 1990s, have been converted to digital formal and the catalog features a new CD-ROM with these programs and the URL to download an online version.

For print copies of the catalog, write to the Regional Disaster Information Center (see page 8) or download the updated Spanish version from (click on Catálogo de publicaciones). The English language version of the catalog remains current (see click on Publications Catalog), as the latest materials are in Spanish only.


Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Relief

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