Central American Nations Approve Joint Disaster Reduction Plan for the Health Sector


In the wake of Hurricane Mitch, the most devastating disaster to strike Central America in decades, SICA, the Central American System for Integration and CEPREDENAC, its disaster arm, helped guide preparation of a strategic framework to reduce vulnerability to disasters. Within this framework, the disaster offices of the Ministries of Health, led by Nicaragua, prepared the Central American Vulnerability Reduction Plan for the health sector, which was approved at the annual meeting of Health Ministers in August.

The Plan outlines ways to strengthen technical cooperation among the countries of Central America so that the response to disasters will be more timely, organized and efficient. The Plan will serve as a roadmap for the next two years as the countries begin to prepare or improve their own national health sector disaster plans in light of these collective commitments. The full-text plan is available on the Internet at www.disaster-info.net/saludca/desastresCR/. For more information contact Beatriz Vélez: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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