Radio Dramas on Disasters Still Popular


The radio drama Hurricane Season (Tiempos de Huracanes)—launched in October 2002 and broadcast by more than 50 radio stations in Central America—weaves the tale of how a community’s level of preparedness helps determine the impact a flood will have on the residents. This radio drama is being rebroadcast for the 2003 hurricane season in Central America and is also reaching audiences in Cuba, Mexico, Venezuela and the Dominican Republic. The success of this endeavor has led to the production of a new program Réplicas en el Corazon (Tremors of the Heart).

The three stories of this new radio drama unfold in the wake of earthquakes, landslides and volcanic eruptions and are geared around several central themes: raising the awareness of communities about the natural hazards that surround them, coexisting with risks and decision making. The new radio drama will begin airing before the end of this year. For more information, contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or visit


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