Manual on Environmental Health Contingency Planning and Rapid Needs Assessment For Floods in the Caribbean


Floods are the most frequently occurring natural hazard globally and in the Caribbean. Because flood events can adversely affect environmental health, contingency plans are critically important. PAHO, in collaboration with the Caribbean Environmental Health Institute (CEHI), has prepared a manual for environmental health contingency planning and rapid needs assessment for floods in the Caribbean.

Intended primarily to help environmental health units develop flood contingency plans, the manual outlines basic steps and key management issues in the contingency planning process and provides instructions on the structure and elements of the plan. The manual deals with all major environmental health topics: water quantity and quality, sanitation and hygiene, vector control, chemical hazards, food safety and epidemiological surveillance. The manual also includes tools to conduct environmental health rapid needs assessments following floods. These tools are being published separately as a booklet for field use. Download the manual from or request a print copy from CRID


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