The Regional Disaster Information Center (CRID)’s mission is to promote the development of a culture of prevention in Latin American and Caribbean countries through the compilation and dissemination of disaster-related information and the promotion of cooperative efforts to improve risk management in the Region

Information on risk management in Central America

Over the past several months CRID has assisted countries in Central America to develop the following information products and services on risk management:

  • Disasters in Guatemala: the road to disaster risk reduction (2010; Spanish). A compilation of information published by Guatemala’s National Office for Disaster Reduction (CONRED) and other agencies involved in the field.
  • Information resources on risk management and land management in Honduras (2010; Spanish).
  • Risk management: information resources from the National Service of Territorial Studies (SNET) in El Salvador (2010; Spanish). 250 documents organized according to SNET activity areas of (including geology, oceanography, hydrology, meteorology, and risk).

These resources are available on the CRID website at the following address:

CRID resources available on DesAprender website

DesAprender is an interactive web portal that aims to improve the preparation and training of people working in disaster risk reduction at the community level. It provides tools, reports, and access to blogs and forums on a variety of topics relating to disaster preparedness.

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), a sponsor of DesAprender, and CRID signed an agreement making it possible for CRID to publish information resources on web portal. To access these resources, visit

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