CRID Carries out New Activities in Central America to Improve Information Management Capacity


The Regional Disaster Information Center for Latin America and the Caribbean (CRID) is implementing a project to develop and strengthen capacities in information management on disaster risk reduction that is financed principally by ECHO, the Department of Humanitarian Aid of the European Commission.

Lessons learned with different information centers and organizations in Central and South America have highlighted the need to be more precise and to work much more closely with disaster technicians and experts in order to fine tune and adapt the offer of information services to make it more in line with the demand for information which they constantly need.

A change of paradigm is now required. The compilation of documents per se to fill out databases or web pages of information centers does not have the same relevance today. Another much more specialized focus is sought, with a more appropriate and objective consideration of information users, taking more into account their needs and how this information is converted into knowledge to improve procedures and decisions.

In view of this, the CRID project has three objectives:

  • that institutions linked with risk management in each of the countries improve their abilities to create and provide information services for disaster risk reduction. Based on previous findings, CRID will offer support to some of the institutions that coordinate national prevention and disaster response systems (SINAPRED, CONRED, COPECO and the Salvadoran Civil Protection), and other organizations, such as those that are part of the CANDHI network;
  • that the Central American region has several practical guides available with interesting topics on preparedness, illustrated with a compilation of information tools and resources;
  • the improvement of the role and work of the CRID at regional level as a specialized center in the compilation and dissemination of information on risk management, as well as the consolidation of its role as a technical assistance institution for countries in information management.

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