Caribbean Health Risk Reduction Committee is Established


The Caribbean Health Disaster Risk Reduction (CHDRR) Committee serves as a forum for strategic discussion, bringing together partners on health and disaster, in a concerted effort to reduce disaster risks to the health sector in the Caribbean. The committee, spearheaded by PAHO, benefits from representatives from regional health organizations, the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Response Agency, bilateral donors and Ministries of Health.

Its objectives are twofold: (1) identify opportunities, challenges and gaps in achieving a satisfactory level of safety in the health sector in the Caribbean and develop strategies to move forward in reducing risk; and (2) to fulfill and perform the function of the Comprehensive Disaster Management Sub-Committee in Health in this Caribbean effort to harmonize programs and increase collaboration towards mainstreaming disaster risk management at national levels in the health sector.

The first meeting took place in Barbados on 8 December 2009; the committee is scheduled to meet every six months. For more information, please contact Nicole Wynter at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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