Ten Years of Risk Management in Central America after Mitch


The Regional Inter Agency Task Force on Risk, Emergency and Disasters in Latin America and the Caribbean (REDLAC) has published the document “10 years after Hurricane Mitch: Overview of the trend in disaster risk management in Central America” In a straightforward and illustrative manner, the book sums up 10 years of efforts in the management of risk and disaster response as another contribution to progress in knowledge of the issue in Central America.

The publication is made up of three chapters: the first highlights the socio-economic characteristics of the Central American population during recent decades, the second includes information on processes which are part of risk management and development, and the third analyzes trends in sectoral indicators of risk management in the areas of education, food security, nutrition, health, water and sanitation and shelter. For more details visit www.crid.or.cr/digitalizacion/pdf/spa/doc17237/doc17237.htm.

Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Relief

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