Issue 108 October 2007

Safe Hospitals—Dont Let Them Become a Casualty of DisastersSafe Hospitals—Don't Let Them Become a Casualty of Disasters For decades, the health sector has struggled with the recurring disruption of medical services caused by damage to hospitals in the aftermath of natural disasters. Just when these services are...Read More >>
Maps to Show Wind HazardsribeMaps to Show Wind Hazardsribe PAHO/WHO, together with Applied Research Associates, a North American institute, and participants from different Caribbean countries, has launched a project to make a map that shows wind hazards on Caribbean...Read More >>
New Web Page for Disaster Preparedness in Central AmericaNew Web Page for Disaster Preparedness in Central America The Central American office for PAHO’s Area on Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Relief launched a new web page, with comprehensive information about major emergencies in the region and related topics...Read More >>
CAPRADE PAHO/WHO Prepare New Guidelines on Humanitarian AssistanceCAPRADE PAHO/WHO Prepare New Guidelines on Humanitarian Assistance The Andean Committee for Disaster Prevention and Response (CAPRADE) is planning the preparation of a new manual that will help with information, coordination, and administration of humanitarian assistance is case...Read More >>
LSS/SUMA in Bolivia, Peru and NicaraguaemergenciasLSS/SUMA in Bolivia, Peru and Nicaraguaemergencias The Logistics Support System (LSS/SUMA) was called on to manage humanitarian assistance in several emergencies, beginning with floods in Bolivia in early 2007, the earthquake in Peru, and during Hurricanes...Read More >>
U.N.’s World Campaign for Risk Reduction in Schools Ends On 10 October, the U.N. International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (ISDR) marked the end of its year-long campaign to reduce disaster risk in schools. Activities around the world celebrated the...Read More >>
U.N.’s Sasakawa Award Tony Gibbs, an engineer of Grenadian and Barbadian nationality, and Yoshiaki Kawata, a Japanese professor, received the U.N. Sasakawa Award for Disaster Reduction on 10 October. The jury awarded the...Read More >>
Conference on Comprehensive Disaster Management in the Caribbean The Caribbean Disaster Emergency Response Agency (CDERA), together with their partners, will host the second Caribbean Conference on Comprehensive Disaster Management (CDM), in Barbados on 10-14 December 2007. The event...Read More >>
Earthquake in Peru: The Myths ReturnEarthquake in Peru: The Myths Return The earthquake that hit Peru on 15 August 2007 measured 7.9 on the Richter scale. Its epicenter was 60 km from Pisco and 160 km south of Lima. There was...Read More >>
Hurricane Dean Hits the CaribbeanHurricane Dean Hits the Caribbean Between 17 and 21 August 2007, Hurricane Dean moved across Caribbean islands, causing major damage. It was a Category 2 storm when it crossed Saint Lucia, Category 4 when it...Read More >>
Hurricane Felix Lashes at NicaraguaHurricane Felix Lashes at NicaraguaOn 4 September 2007 the eye of Hurricane Felix crossed the north-east coast of Nicaragua bringing 260 km/h winds and torrential rains that devastated much of the North Atlantic Autonomous...Read More >>
PAHO presents Health in the Americas 2007PAHO presents Health in the Americas 2007PAHO/WHO has published the 2007 edition of Health in the Americas, a publication prepared every four years with the contribution of many experts from around the Region. This edition examines...Read More >>
Nueva guía sobre salud mentalNueva guía sobre salud mental Guidelines on Mental Health and Psychosocial Support in Emergency Settings fue desarrollado por un equipo formado por 27 agencias en un proceso altamente participativo. En el documento se listan los...Read More >>
IStructE Prepares a Report on the Earthquake in PerúA team comprised of three engineers, members of the Earthquake-Engineering Field Investigation Team (EEFIT-IStructE), collected and analyized information from areas affected by the quake, and made observations to help in...Read More >>
After the Tsunami–From Help to RecoveryWHO’s Regional Office for South-East Asia has published From Relief to Recovery–The WHO Tsunami Operation, a compendium of efforts carried out by the Organization to respond to the health needs...Read More >>
OFDA Publishes Document on Risk ReductionOFDA Publishes Document on Risk Reduction This document shows progress made in the formation and application of risk management from the environmental perspective, considering land use planning and public finance and investment as positive and effective...Read More >>
Pan American Sanitary Conference Requests Countries to Build Safe HospitalsPan American Sanitary Conference Requests Countries to Build Safe HospitalsIn January 2008, the International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (ISDR) and the World Health Organization will launch the Global Campaign on Disaster Reduction whose theme is Hospitals Safe from Disasters....Read More >>
Whats New at CRIDWhat's New at CRIDThe Regional Disaster Information Center (CRID)’s mission is to promote the development of a culture of prevention in Latin American and Caribbean countries through the compilation and dissemination of disaster-related...Read More >>

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