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World Aids Activities - Montserrat


World AIDS Day Activities
a. Anti-stigma and Discrimination Activities with students:
i. To include Primary and Secondary Schools
ii. Include Age appropriate games
iii. Involve Director for Early Childhood and School Guidance Counselors
iv. Tokens to remember messages will be distributed
This started on WAD.  All of 4th and 5th forms were done at the Montserrat Secondary School.  We will continue in January until we have engaged all the primary and Secondary school students.

b. “Voices” of PLWHA
PLWHAs will voice their opinions and concerns through the voices of community members using the broadcast media starting on WAD for 6 weeks
Recording is completed and is being aired on ZJB

c. Adolescent  Peer Educators to inform Multisectoral Team of their activity   -  had a road march on WAD
d. Minister of Health will make a public statement using the broadcast media  - statement aired on WAD
e. Launch of multimedia messages on WAD and to continue for 6 weeks (in English and Spanish)  - Messages in Spanish and English radio spots started on WAD

2. Activities for December 2009 to January 2010
a. Ringtone Productional – Edutainment for Adolescent with locally produced songs etc with prevention and reduction of HIV S&D messages.  Activity renamed Sexology 101 and will happen on 20 December after Soca Monarch Competition at the Good Life Night Club

3.      Involvement of Community “Icons” to share HIV/STI Prevention and Reduction of Stigma and Discrimination Messages
Persons who MC and perform at shows and activities during the Festival will be asked to promote HIV messages for a small stipend. DJ Basil Chambers has been contracted and started in late November to first week in January.  Public feedback has been positive

5.   Monty and Montess
The HIV Mascot “Monty” will attend night clubs and other activities during the festival.

6.   Condom Availability
Male and female condoms will be made available at festival village at participating stalls.  Vendors have agreed to participate and distribution begins December 7, 2009 and will continue to after the beginning of the New Year



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