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Presentation of Pharmaceutical Country Profile Reports - May 4, 2012

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Dr. Merle Lewis, the PAHO/WHO Representative for Barbados and Eastern Caribbean Countries today  presented the Pharmaceutical Country Profile Reports to the Honourable Ministers of Health of Barbados, St. Lucia and St. Vincent and Grenadines. With support from PAHO/WHO, Suriname, Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago, Saint Lucia, Dominica and Saint Vincent and Grenadines are the first countries in the Caribbean sub-region region to complete this exercise.

PAHO/WHO has been supporting the Member States with the collection, analysis and use of pharmaceutical sector data, which are crucial for informing decision-making in the different areas of the pharmaceutical policy and advocacy work. This exercise is being conducted worldwide in partnership with the Global Fund. Once authorization is granted from the respective Ministries of Health, the country information is made publicly available. All the partners, researchers, policy-makers and all those who are interested in the pharmaceutical sector of the countries will find this profile a useful tool for their activities.

A comprehensive assessment of the pharmaceutical sector also assists PAHO/WHO staff members in determining which support activities will be the most appropriate for each country and allows for evaluating the impact of interventions over time.

These Reports will form part of the Regional Platform on Access and Innovation for Health Technologies to be launched on Monday 7 May 2012 at 9am at PAHO’s Headquarters in Washington DC, USA. This Platform has been developed by PAHO to bring together regional and international stakeholders, and support networks to promote access and innovation to health technologies in the Americas. The platform will be composed of a series of internet-based tools that will help support and promote innovation, access, rational use, regulation and governance in the area of medicines and other strategic public health technologies from a public health perspective. 


Dr. Merle Lewis, PWR-ECC presenting report to The Honorable Donville Inniss, Minister of Health Barbados.



Dr. Merle Lewis, PWR-ECC presenting report to The Honorable Alvina Reynolds, Minister of Health Saint Lucia.


Dr. Merle Lewis, PWR-ECC presenting report to The Honorable Clifton Clayton Burgin, Minister of Health St. Vincent and the Grenadines.



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