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Health Sector Reform

Health Systems and Services Development
2009-05-14 16:05:17

The areas covered under Health Systems and Services Development are as follows:

1 Stewardship & Governance  

1.1 Health Sector Analysis

1.2 Essential Public Health Functions

1.3 Steering Role of National Health Authority

1.4 Health Systems Country Profiles

1.5 National Health Policies

1.6 Health Sector Reform

1.7 Health Legislation

 2 Health Care Financing  

2.1 Health Care finances

2.2 Health Insurance

3 Health Services  

3.1 Organization & Management

3.2 Integrated Networks

3.3 Primary Health Care (PHC)

3.4 Primary Care

3.5 Hospitals  

4 Social Health Protection  

4.1 Social Health Protection 
5. Emergency Health Care Services  

5.1 Emergency Response & Disaster

5.2 Emergency Medical Services 

6. Research for Health  

7. Other Assistance 

7.1. Oral Health

7.2. Ocular Health

7.3. Elderly Health


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