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About Saint Kitts & Nevis
2008-10-24 15:46:00

 Map of Saint Kitts & Nevis

General Infornation on Saint Kitts and Nevis

Saint Kitts and Nevis, which are of volcanic origin, are separated at their closest point by a 3-kilometer channel. Nevis the smaller of the two has a surface area of 93.2 sq. kilometers (36 sq. miles), while St. Kitts encompasses an area of 176.12 sq. kilometers (68 sq. miles). The islands are particularly vulnerable to hurricanes, and airports and sea ports were damaged due to three major hurricanes, 1996-1999. Communication between the two islands is afforded by a five-minute plane ride or a forty-five-minute ferry ride. Both islands are equipped with special berthing facilities for cruise ships as well as airport facilities, the one in Saint Kitts being international. The islands are however particularly vulnerable to hurricanes and all the aforementioned facilities have sustained considerable damage over the 1996-1999 period when the islands experienced three major hurricanes.

After a period of long colonial rule the twin island state attained full political independence in 1983, with the Federal Parliament in St. Kitts representing the highest level of legislative decision-making. The Independence Constitution of 1983 accords substantial autonomy to Nevis, where a local government, The Nevis Island Administration operates. This body is responsible for the conduct of all domestic affairs, whilst the Federal Government is responsible for Foreign Affairs and matters of National Security.

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