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Reproductive Health

Family and Community Health
2009-05-14 15:54:28

Under the family and community health program, 6 technical areas and 2 projects are covered; the technical areas are: 

1.      Sexual and Reproductive Health

2.      Neonatal and Child Health

3.      Adolescent Health

4.      Health of the elderly

5.      Immunization

6.      Child Nutrition 


Projects are: 

1.      Prevention and Control of Communicable Diseases

2.      Reducing Chronic Non Communicable Diseases   


Family and Community Health 

Women’s and Men’s Health

Support development/expansion of Men’s health clinics

Gender mainstreaming

Improve management of gender-based violence

Improving cancer prevention programs: cervical ca; breast ca; prostate ca.

Health of indigenous people: Dominica


Adolescent Health

Development of clinics for adolescents

Development of health policy documents

Utilization of GSHS and other data to inform programs/policy


Neonatal and Child Health

Improve utilization of maternity and fetal/neonatal data

Improving midwifery and nursing skills

Improving nutrition of infants and young children


Health of the elderly

Improving quality of care at primary care level

Development of policy documents on health aging – especially those related to long-term care

Advocacy for mental health and disaster preparedness – primary care level and elderly homes


Prevention and Control of Communicable Diseases 


–        Sustain of high immunization coverage

–        Update manuals, review of surveillance system, update staff

–        Periodic evaluations and population-based surveys when needed

–        Support introduction of new vaccines 


HIV/AIDS and FCH Integration

–        Improve coordination between Health and Education sectors

–        Service integration

–        Primary care services

–        Maternity care services

–        Services for the elderly and youth

–        Men’s health clinics 


Reducing Chronic Non Communicable Diseases 

Integrating NCD prevention and FCH

•          Improving data on risk and protective factors among school children

–        Implementation of Global School Health Survey (PAHO/WHO/CDC) 

•          Service integration

–        Primary care level

–        Improving infant and child nutrition

–        Raising awareness on importance of physical activity

–        Increasing NCDs detection & management during antenatal and postpartum care   


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