Ministry moving to new home

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THE MINISTRY OF HEALTH is expected to move into its new home in the Frank Walcott Building in Culloden Road by next week.  

That is according to Minister of Health Donville Inniss, who spoke to reporters after a meeting with PAHO officials at the ministry's present Jemmotts Lane location. He said that for many years public officers had to "put up" with the terrible working conditions there.

"The Ministry of Health, sad to say, has not had good physical buildings to work in for many years. We are busy taking care of the health of the nation, and we have not done a very good job of providing the best physical environments for our staff to labour in, but we are committed to making improvements."

He added: "The Ministry of Health will, as of next week, occupy three floors at the Frank Walcott Building, but because of the size of the ministry not all officers in Jemmotts Lane will be relocated, but the bulk will be," Inniss said.

While he could not say if the move would be a permanent one, the minister said there were certainly no plans to move back to Jemmotts Lane.

"Our plan right now is to have these buildings initially renovated for the emergency ambulance services temporarily until the new headquarters is completed, and thereafter the Ministry of Housing and Lands will determine the future use of this property," Inniss said. (MM)

Report from Daily Nation 5/13/2010

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