Vector Control Manual Developed - Grenada

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The Ministry of Health in collaboration with the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) held a two day workshop to Validate the Caribbean Vector Control Manual and to modify to suit the Grenada situation.

The workshop was held at the Grenada Bureau of Standards and was attended by Environmental Health Officers, Vector control officers and persons from the Ministry of Agriculture. The workshop was facilitated by Dr. Samuel Rawlins. Dr. Rawlins - has a wealth of experience working as a lecture at the UWI and then CAREC.

This manual would serve as an operational manual for the Vector Control Division thus enabling the division to conduct their job in a more efficient and effective manner to better serve the nations.

According to the Senior Environmental Officer “the manual is comprehensive, however, did lack some of the Grenadian experiences, which would be incorporated in the final version as these points were noted by the consultant.” 

The Pan American Health Organization was thanked by the Chief Environmental Health Organization for it enormous contribution to the development of the Environmental Health Department of the Ministry.


Dr. Samuel Rawlins, PAHO Consultant

 Participants at the Workshop


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