Advocacy Meeting with Customs, Immigration and Health Staff at Points of Entry

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The primary purpose of these 2 meetings were to introduce the IHR 2005 to the Officers and staff at the points of entry, assist them in understanding their role and responsibility in keeping British Virgin Islands (BVI’s) borders free of hazards (man-made or environmental) and the necessity for strengthening the relationship between Customs, Immigration, Airport, Sea Port and health professionals. 

Mr. Colin Browne, Public Health Specialist (PAHO) facilitated the meetings.

Some of the issues arising from the meeting included the lack of an assessment area for detaining sick passengers, inability to monitor and regulate the waste disposal of yachts and the lack of a quarantine area for animals from vessels and aircrafts. 

The recommendations made were (i) for all capacities to be developed, strengthened and maintained for designated Points of entry by June 2012; (ii) in-country review of the Plan of Action for implementation by all stakeholders; (iii) Environmental Health Department to continue training with other agencies and (iv) the passing of the legislation to improve surveillance under the IHR.

Mr. Colin Brown, Public Health Specialists (PAHO) and Mr. Carnel Smith, Chief Environmental Health Officer, BVI

Mr. Colin Brown, Public Health Specialists (PAHO) - Facilitator 

Customs and Immigration Officers at the Advocacy meetings for Customs, Immigration and Officers at the Points of Entry.



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