Rational Use of Medical Products Workshop

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The Pharmacy Department of the Ministry of Health successfully held, two ½ day seminars, November 27th  and 28th for Physicians and Pharmacist of the Pubic Sector on the “Rational use of Medical Products”

The seminars were facilitated by Dr. Adriana Ivama of PAHO and Mr. Francis Burnette of OECS PPS, and were jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Health and the Pan American Health Organization.

The seminar looked at the need for:
   • Clinical guidelines
   • National Essential Medicine list
   • Continued in service medical education as a licensing requirement
   • Supervision and audit feedback
   • Public education about medications
   • Use of appropriate & enforcement regulations

Inappropriate prescribing of medication was also discussed during the session.

It was agreed that Patients should receive medication appropriate for clients needs, in adequate doses for the appropriate length of time, at the lowest cost.

It is the view of the Chief Pharmacist, Ms. Ellen Gabriel and most of the participants that the seminars were timely and successful. The Pharmacy
Department is planning to hold a similar seminar in the New Year.

Dr. Adriana Ivama, PAHO-ECC - Facilitator,  with workshop participants and Ms. Tessa Stroude, Country Program Specialists, PAHO-ECC 


Participants at the Rational Use of Medical Products Workshop.


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